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German from home during third week of school closure

Year 11
Students who wish to sit for the German O’ Level in the September session are kindly asked to get in touch with me.
Year 10
This week I am sending three tasks (attached below) related to weekend activities:
  1. Tipps für das Wochenende (reading comprehension)
  2. Was hast du am Wochenende gemacht? (write sentences using the Perfekt tense)
  3. Das Wochenende planen (+ Video explaining this handout)
Year 9
Unfortunately I am not seeing much effort from this Year group. It is of utmost importance to continue working from home and do the HW tasks I send you. In case of difficulty you know you can contact me on MS Teams, Messenger, ilearn & Zoom. I am just a call/chat away. Here are this week’s tasks related to the chapter Essen & Trinken (attached below):
  1. Gesund oder ungesund (reading comprehension focusing on healthy vs unhealthy eating)
  2. Interview in der Klasse (interview you classmates using any app you want & fill in the table with their answers)
  3. Was trinken Sie? (x2 exercises about beverages)
I miss you all! Stay safe!
Michela Abela Bugeja
March 30th, 2020|German|

Reliġjon ma’ Ms Busuttil Cini – Xogħol għad-dar 2


Għeżież studenti bdejna ġimgħa oħra u nispera li lkoll tinsabu tajbin. Nixtieq infakkarkom sabiex taraw il-homework li bgħattilkom il-ġimgħa l-oħra fuq din il-website. Min lesta xi xogħol minnu jista’ jibgħatuli permezz tal-email

Nixtiqkom taraw ukoll dan il-video clip li fih messaġġ sabiħ u pożittiv għalikom: “A letter from God”. Wara li tarawh, iktbu x’laqatkom l-aktar f’dan il-messaġġ.

Stay safe u God bless,

Ms. J. Busuttil Cini

March 30th, 2020|Religion|

Reliġjon ma’ Ms Busuttil Cini – Xogħol għad-dar

Year 10

Mill-pack tan-notes, aqra u studja Unit 5 ĠESU’ KRISTU paġni 13 -14 u Unit 6 IL-KNISJA paġni 15 – 17.

Mis-sezzjoni MISTOQSIJIET U TESTIJIET, wieġeb paġna 12, mistoqsijiet dwar Unit 5, numru 1 – 13 u minn paġna 13, aħdem essay no. 1.

Wieġeb ukoll mistoqsijiet dwar Unit 6 , pagni 14 – 15, mistoqsijiet 1 – 12. Aħdem paġna 16 Essay no. 2.

Minn m’għandux pack tan-notes,

  • jaqra Unit 5 ĠESU’ KRISTU – textbook, paġni 88 – 105.
  • studja NIBQGĦU NIFTAKRU f’paġna 106 u Unit 6 IL-KNISJA – textbook paġni 109 – 124.
  • studja NIBQGĦU NIFTAKRU f’paġna 126.


Year 11

Mill-pack tan-notes tal-Ħames Sena, aqra u studja Units 1,2,3,4. Agħmel reviżjoni wkoll tal-Units li kont studjajt fil-Form 4 (Year 10) mill-pack tan-notes tas-sena l-oħra. Aħdem Matsec Past Papers 2019 (konna ħdimna minnha fil-klassi…kompluha) u Past Paper 2018.

Min ikollu xi diffikulta’ jista jibgħatli fuq

March 25th, 2020|Religion|

German from home during second week of school closure

Dear students of German,
Here we are in our second week of homeschooling. Hope you are all well. Have faith, this too shall pass. In the meantime, you are urged to continue working and revising. Send me your work on
Year 11
  1. Paper A students: I am still waiting for your Bericht from SEC 2018 (given on Wednesday 11.03.20) for correction!!
  1. All students: Work out more and more tasks from SEC papers (Papers I & II)
Year 10 (attachments at the bottom of this post)
It’s time to end the topic Freizeit. I am attaching here a listening comprehension worksheet (with 4 tracks) and a letter/composition to revise all the salient aspects discussed in this chapter.
  1. Hörverstehen – Freizeit
  2. Brief – Freizeit
Year 9 (attachments at the bottom of this post)
Reminder: Don’t forget to send me the letter/composition about Meine Schule (given on Wednesday 11.03.20).
We can now proceed to the next topic Essen und Trinken. I encourage you to do the following exercises related to this chapter:
  1. Esskultur in Deutschland
  2. Im Schnellimbiss
Take good care of yourselves and stay indoors!
Best regards,
Michela Abela Bugeja
March 23rd, 2020|German|

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