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German from home during fifth week of school closure

Dear students,

I hope you are all in good health and you had a well-deserved Easter break. But now it’s time to roll up our sleeves again and move on with our topics.


Year 9

Last week’s focus was on how to make a conversation at the restaurant. This week we are building on it. I am attaching these three files: One video with explanation and two HW tasks.

  1. Video: Yr 9 Explanation 20.04.2020
  2. Lückentext – Im Restaurant (fill in the blanks exercise)
  3. Guten Appetit! Fragebogen (eating habits questionnaire)


Year 10

Last week you were introduced to new vocabulary related to REISEN (travelling). This week we are focusing on UNTERKUNFT (accommodation). We will explore the difference between hotels, guest houses, youth hostels and camping. For this week you need these five files: One video with explanation, one handout with notes and three HW tasks. Make sure you watch the video till the end as it explains ALL handouts.

  1. Video: Yr 10 Explanation 20.04.2020
  2. Notes: Unterkunft
  3. Dialog im Hotel (HW)
  4. Winterurlaub (HW)
  5. Jugendherberge oder Zelten (HW)


Don’t forget to hand in your homework by next Monday 27th April 2020. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Michela Abela Bugeja

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German from home during fourth week of school closure

Dear students,

First of all, let me wish you and your families a happy Easter (Frohe Ostern). May your homes be filled with joy, peace and plenty of Easter eggs 🙂

As I do every week, I would like to upload and explain the HW. Taking the Easter holidays into consideration, the deadline is in two weeks’ time, Monday 20th April 2020.

Year 9

This week’s theme is IM RESTAURANT. I am sure one day you will have the opportunity to eat in a restaurant, where German is spoken. Or else work as a waiter/waitress here in Malta, where you would need to serve tourists, who speak only German! Therefore it is important to learn how to make a proper conversation around this theme. I am attaching the video: Im Restaurant (attached below) which explains the handout Dialog im Restaurant (attached below). Listen carefully to my explanation and for HW I need you to write a similar conversation in German taking place at the restaurant. I am also giving you a reading comprehension for HW: tolle Restaurants! Leseverstehen (attached below). You need to read the four adverts and answer the questions with A, B, C or D.

So, to summarise everything, I need to you to download the following:

  1. Video: Im Restaurant
  2. Dialog im Restaurant
  3. Tolle Restaurants! Leseverstehen

Year 10

Finally we’re moving on to the next chapter: REISEN – TRAVELLING. Although travelling is not even possible at the moment, in this new topic we get to explore different destinations and holiday ideas, whilst learning new German vocabulary and expressions. Attached below you may find the following HW tasks:

  1. Welt & Umwelt (The world around us – match the words with the pictures)
  2. Urlaubsideen (Holiday ideas – match the phrases with the pictures)
  3. Fahrradtouren (Bicycle tours – Reading Comprehension: choose A, B or C)
  4. Reiterferien (Horse riding holidays – x2 reading comprehension tasks)

Well done for using different apps to keep in touch with me. Remember, hard work pays off!

Frohe Ostern und bleibt gesund!

Michela Abela Bugeja

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German from home during third week of school closure

Year 11
Students who wish to sit for the German O’ Level in the September session are kindly asked to get in touch with me.
Year 10
This week I am sending three tasks (attached below) related to weekend activities:
  1. Tipps für das Wochenende (reading comprehension)
  2. Was hast du am Wochenende gemacht? (write sentences using the Perfekt tense)
  3. Das Wochenende planen (+ Video explaining this handout)
Year 9
Unfortunately I am not seeing much effort from this Year group. It is of utmost importance to continue working from home and do the HW tasks I send you. In case of difficulty you know you can contact me on MS Teams, Messenger, ilearn & Zoom. I am just a call/chat away. Here are this week’s tasks related to the chapter Essen & Trinken (attached below):
  1. Gesund oder ungesund (reading comprehension focusing on healthy vs unhealthy eating)
  2. Interview in der Klasse (interview you classmates using any app you want & fill in the table with their answers)
  3. Was trinken Sie? (x2 exercises about beverages)
I miss you all! Stay safe!
Michela Abela Bugeja
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German from home during second week of school closure

Dear students of German,
Here we are in our second week of homeschooling. Hope you are all well. Have faith, this too shall pass. In the meantime, you are urged to continue working and revising. Send me your work on
Year 11
  1. Paper A students: I am still waiting for your Bericht from SEC 2018 (given on Wednesday 11.03.20) for correction!!
  1. All students: Work out more and more tasks from SEC papers (Papers I & II)
Year 10 (attachments at the bottom of this post)
It’s time to end the topic Freizeit. I am attaching here a listening comprehension worksheet (with 4 tracks) and a letter/composition to revise all the salient aspects discussed in this chapter.
  1. Hörverstehen – Freizeit
  2. Brief – Freizeit
Year 9 (attachments at the bottom of this post)
Reminder: Don’t forget to send me the letter/composition about Meine Schule (given on Wednesday 11.03.20).
We can now proceed to the next topic Essen und Trinken. I encourage you to do the following exercises related to this chapter:
  1. Esskultur in Deutschland
  2. Im Schnellimbiss
Take good care of yourselves and stay indoors!
Best regards,
Michela Abela Bugeja
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German from home during school closure

Dear students learning German,
I hope this message finds you and your families well.
Given the situation around us, I urge you to do your part and revise from home. It is the least you could do while sitting comfortably in your pj’s.
Year 11 students
  1. Continue to do exercises (including compositions) from the SEC papers and send them to me on for correction.
  2. Reminder for Paper A students: Don’t forget to send me the Bericht from SEC 2018 (given on Wednesday 11.03.20) for correction.
Year 10 students
Our last lessons were about Sport & Freizeit, so for this week you can work on the following two handouts. If you can’t print them, don’t worry, just write the answers in your Lerntagebuch.
    1. Sport in meiner Familie (attached below this message)
    2. Freizeit – Leseverstehen (attached below this message)
Year 9 students
  1. Reminder: Don’t forget to do the letter/composition about Meine Schule (given on Wednesday 11.03.20).
  2. You can also do this reading comprehension: Der erste Schultag (attached below this message). Please note that all verbs are in the Past Tense.
Take care of yourselves and stay safe.
Kind regards,
Michela Abela Bugeja
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