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Biology & Chemistry: Assistance during school closure

Attention Biology and Chemistry students in Ms M. Grech’s classes
Please check e-mails I am sending.
Any queries or difficulties please contact me on
I have already sent some e-mails and I shall be continuing to send links to lectures and videos and power points.
Ms M. Grech
(Biology and Chemistry)
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Marine Litter Event – 8th January 2020

This event was done in collaboration with the Litter Less Campaign and the YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment). There were 32 students who participated and there were various subject teachers involved such as Geography, Art, Home Economics, European Studies and Biology. However, what made this event very special was the fact that although students were mixed from Year 9 and Year 10, and they were coming from different subjects, they all found this event very useful and matching with their curriculum.

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