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St. Margaret College Secondary School Verdala students reflect upon the pastoral letter for Lent 2021 issued by the Maltese bishops inviting us to safeguard the dignity of life

On Thursday, February 25, 2021, a group of Form 5 (year 11) students at St. Margaret College Secondary School, Verdala, Cospicua reflected upon the pastoral letter for Lent 2021 issued by the Maltese bishops. This project was coordinated by Senior Religion teacher Martin Azzopardi sdc and related to the R.E. study unit about the Importance of Life.

In their pastoral letter for Lent, the Maltese bishops invite all Maltese Christians to reflect upon the importance of being Pro Life and safeguarding the dignity of life. In the pastoral letter we read: “In a spirit of care and solidarity we need to work harder for a culture that respects the life and dignity of every person. Every human life is precious and is created in God’s image. It is this protection of human life, from the first moments of conception, throughout every moment of life until its natural end that forms the foundation of a culture of respect for the rights of every person. The weak and vulnerable require more attention and care. No one is useless; no one should ever be eliminated.”

Thus, after reading the pastoral letter for Lent, Religion teacher Martin Azzopardi sdc invited his students to share their personal insights about the dignity of life. The following are some of the students’ reflections and insights:

“We have to be in favour of life because life is a gift from God and only God can give and take life. Throughout life we can receive many graces from God which makes our life a beautiful adventure on earth. Life is a treasure from God and nobody has the right to take someone’s life, nor can we take our own life” by student Christie Gialanze’;

“We have to safeguard life from the very start till the very end and learn to live our whole life with courage both in the good and bad moments. There is no better school and no better church than the family to help us grow and appreciate the gift of life” by student Charnelle Spiteri Cohen;

 “Only God can give and take life and not mankind. To admire the beauty of life we need the help of the Church which continuously invites us to follow Jesus – the Way, the Truth and Life” by student Leon Micallef;

 “Respecting life means respecting every human cell, every embryo and every baby” by student Christine Iriele;

“What God created is to be respected and not destroyed by mankind. Saving life should be our first priority but to do so we need to get more close to God’s love for us” by student Dasianne Agius.

During this exercise held in class, St. Margaret College students were given the Rosary of the Unborn which the Irish Catholic couple, Declan and Carmel Waters launched in our school some years ago. Since then, the Rosary of the Unborn is practiced at St. Margaret College and students pray daily the Hail Mary prayer to discourage abortion around the world.

Teacher Martin Azzopardi sdc concludes, saying: “It is very important that our R.E. students get in touch with the pastoral letters of our bishops and find the space to reflect upon their message. It is necessary that we discuss the pastoral letters of our bishops and the encyclical letters of our Pope with our R.E. students at school.”

Special thanksgivings go to our Maltese bishops, Mons Charles Jude Scicluna (Archbishop of Malta), Mons Anton Teuma (Bishop of Gozo) and Mons Joseph Galea Curmi (Auxiliary Bishop of Malta) for their continuous Christian teaching and guidance. Thanks also to LSE Ms Ruth Aquilina for all her help and assistance throughout this Religion project.

This project aims to reach four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health & Well-being, Life on Land, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, and Quality Education.

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