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Another Successful Story to our Verdala Green Team

We are pleased to announce that although this year was an extraordinary year, due to the COVID19 pandemic, our school managed to place 2nd in a YRE International Video Competition.

We are all very satisfied with this achievement and of course, all this was possible thanks to great teamwork and communication.

To make up a professional, effective, and meaningful three-minute video, was not an easy task.  But thanks to our hard work and dedication, we made it!

Yet, the school committee in charge of Informal Education Events would like to congratulate the students:  Katriel Zahra (11.8),  Kylieanne Apap (10.7), Annastasia Darmanin (10.1), Aceline Grixti (10.1), Martina Magro (10.2) and Maruska Pulis (10.8) for this amazing international success.

Finally, a huge well done goes to ALL other students who all did a great job in article writing, poem writing and submission of other videos.  Many thanks to all educators involved especially Mr Martin Azzopardi who is always willing to contribute with students’ entries.

All together we make wonders!  However, we do encourage all the students at our school, including those who never involved themselves to participate – feel free to contact me if you think you can do something for our environment.  Such lifelong learning opportunities do not come very often in our life and it is amazing how students mature when after they get involved in these projects.  I also encourage students to follow online webinars organized by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) as they help us to reflect further about our environment and how can we contribute for a better living.

We take this opportunity to wish you all the very best for this scholastic year and best wishes to you and your loved ones for the festive season.

“In life, always remember to act to your ambitions”.  

“Go Green and Help Save the Environment”.


Ms. Flavia Grima

Committee Chairperson and YRE / LEAF Link Educator

Onor Minister Aaron Farrugia addressing the students

Our School on top during YRE Awards Ceremony


Showing most of our students participating during the event

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