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Participation in the online YRE ceremony

On Wednesday, 18th November 2020 Young Reporter’s for the Environment students: Miguel Fenech, Jurgen Xuereb, Jayden Degiorgio and two CCP Science students together with Veteran YRE school coordinator, Mr Martin Azzopardi sdc and LSE Mr Kenneth Abela participated in the online YRE Award Ceremony.

Young reporters for the Environment students (Miguel Fenech, Jurgen Xuereb and Jayden Degiorgio) launched a litter less project campaign in making Paper Roll Angel decorations for Advent and Christmas 2019 and they were awarded an Honourable mention in the category of YRE Article 15-18.

I take the opportunity to THANK especially all my Religion and Science students who participated in these YRE projects in favour of our local environment.  VERY WELL DONE and PRAISE BE TO GOD.

I thank YRE National Coordinator Ms Audrey Gauci for her kind help and support, two foreign correctors who sacrificed their free time correcting our Science and Religion Department YRE project entries 2019 -20 and a sponsor who offered some gifts.

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