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National Young Reporter’s for the Environment Competition: More Great News!

Considering all the restrictions due to the Coronavirus, this year there was a record of submissions as there were 237 entries in total (Malta & Gozo).  It’s good to know that categories this year were varied – apart from the usual YRE and litterless, we also participated in the YREstayshome section, where students had to be creative in reporting from home.  Ms Audrey Gauci (Nature Trust Coordinator) told me that she is very proud of our students as they all did a lot of effort during this extraordinary time while they did a great job!


Apart from the successful entries mentioned by Mr Martin Azzopardi, I must share with you the GREAT NEWS!!!!  The video where we interviewed the three Cottonera Mayors and we also did a vox-pop at Vittoriosa Street Market,  ended up placing 1st in the Litterless category!!!!!!  It was worth spending so much time editing and including subtitles to target more audience 🙂


Here are the video details:

Video Title (Category 15-18): Litterless Initiatives in the Cottonera Area 

Students involved:  Kylieanna Apap, Katriel Zahra, Annastasia Darmanin, Aceline Grixti, Martina Magro & Maruska Pulis


The other two videos we submitted last May:

  1. Analyzing the Use of Plastics & the Impact of COVID-19 on the Environment (by: Lauren Galea and Aceline Grixti) and
  2. Reflecting on How the COVID-19 Managed to Improve the Environment in Malta (by: Elisa Vella, Annastasia Darmanin, Chanise Mifsud) ended up in the COMMENDED list! 🙂


Other COMMENDED articles (category 11-14) carried out by students who all worked in great coordination with me and Ms Juliette Spiteri during the lock down are:


Title: Marine Litter (Students: Lauren Galea, Maya Bartolo, Elisa Vella & Chanise Mifsud).

Title: Land Pollution (Students: Kheloud Abdel Razek, Emily Cilia).

Title: Understanding Air Pollution (Students: Annastasia Darmanin, Aceline Grixti, Martina Magro).


RE categorizing it’s good to know that – COMMENDED entries mean that they were up to standard and had good reporting.  Finalists are those that were above standard / better than the rest and had a very good chance of winning.

ALL STUDENTS will be given a certificate – Ms Audrey Gauci will be sending them in the coming days.  Prizes are only for the actual winners.


I really would like to thank EVERYONE who contributed especially Ms Marlene Gatt who introduced me to her students; Ms Marlene Galea and Mr Andrew Calleja for uploading material on our school facebook page and school website; and Mr Kenneth Abela for his dedication in taking videos and editing.  Many thanks to Mr Martin Azzopardi for his amazing collaboration and support – even though he’s not part of our committee he dedicate a lot of time to assist me in this very interesting fieldwork.  Every year, he puts a lot of effort and thanks to him, we are involving many more students to participate in the YRE and Litterless Campaign.   Also many thanks to Ms Leanne Lewis for accepting to be interviewed about the plastic Christmas tree last December and to ALL THE MEMBERS in the committee who all did their effort from the very beginning of this scholastic year.  I truly appreciate everyone’s effort!  Last but definitely not least, I really would like to thank all the SMT members for their great cooperation and support.  Here I must mention Mr Daniel Spiteri and Ms Lydia Zammit (Asst Heads) for their impressive support.  Honestly I believe that where there is a joint effort and a good teamwork, positive results will come up – no matter the circumstances!  😉


I look forward to work with you ALL again next scholastic year!  Meanwhile, I take this opportunity to wish you all a well deserved summer recess.


Cheers and take care,

Flavia Grima

Head of Department ICT

St Margaret College Senior Secondary School, Verdala


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