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8th October 2018 – St. Margaret College Secondary School Verdala Queen’s Young Leaders commemorate Mental Health Awareness Day

World Mental Health Awareness Day is celebrated every year on the 10th October and St. Margaret College Verdala School Queen’s Young Leaders Group assembled with their group founder teacher, Martin Azzopardi sdc to raise awareness about mental health during the school morning assembly.
Mental health affects the way a person manages his daily burdens/problems, his relationship with others and also his decision taking. According to EU statistics, one out of every four persons in Europe experiences a form of psychiatric problem in life and the situation in Malta is not that far from the EU statistics.

St. Margaret College Queen’s Young Leaders group: Grazia Magro, Yasmine Grima, Xavier Sant, Nicolai Magri Caruana, Mariah Sciberras and Jody Pace with their teacher Martin Azzopardi sdc assembled to commemorate Mental Health Awareness Day at school – 8th October 2018

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