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German from home during 14th week of school closure

Dear students,

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. It’s the final week of this scholastic year; believe it or not, we managed to survive fourteen whole weeks of home schooling! Gut gemacht! 🙂


Year 9

The chapter Das Haus comes to an end by revising an important grammar point: the Dativ. We referred to it in the previous chapter Unterwegs in der Stadt, and we are using it again in this final lesson. By the end of this week, you should be able to build sentences about anything that can be found in your room, using the Dativ case, eg. Das Poster hängt an der Wand, or Das Buch liegt auf dem Tisch. Kindly listen to my video lesson and do the following HW tasks. These are the required files to download:

  1. Video: Yr9 – 22.06.20 (explanation)
  2. Die Wechselpräpositionen (notes)
  3. Wo ist die Katze? (HW)
  4. Mein Zimmer beschreiben (HW)
  5. Wo ist was? (HW)


Year 10

Following last week’s lesson about Technologie, whereby we learnt vocabulary related to the computer, smartphones and internet, and you even wrote about the use of digital media in your everyday lives, we can now discuss some of the perils found online. Is the computer a brilliant invention or a ticking time bomb? How can one use the smartphone safely and protect himself from cyberbullying? These questions can be answered after watching my video lesson and working this week’s assigned tasks. Please download the following material:

  1. Cybermobbing und Facebook (notes & HW)
  2. Surfen mit Smartphones (notes)
  3. Der Computer (HW)
  4. E-Mail Freundschaft (HW)


I wish to thank all of you for your cooperation and for keeping in touch during these fourteen weeks.  May I take this opportunity to wish you all happy summer holidays. Have fun, enjoy yourselves, but stay safe! See you back in September! 🙂

Kind regards,

M. Abela Bugeja

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