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German from home during 13th week of school closure

Dear students,

It’s our thirteenth week of home schooling – the week before last! Well done for making it this far, despite all the struggles that these three months have brought about. As the German proverb goes, “Harte Arbeit zahlt sich aus” (Hard work pays off)! 🙂


Year 9

We may continue with our chapter Das Haus. This week we are focusing on one particular room; probably it’s your absolute favourite one from all the rooms at home. I am here referring to Das Schlafzimmer or as we call it Mein Zimmer. By the end of this week you will be able to describe your room and its furniture / furnishings, state if you have your own room and how you spend your time there, and write about any improvements which you would like to see. You will also read short texts about other teenagers’ point of view. Thus, for this week’s topic, you need to download the following material:

  1. Video: Yr9 – 15.06.20 (explanation)
  2. Powerpoint: Mein Zimmer (notes)
  3. Patrick und Tina (HW)
  4. Jugendliche beschreiben ihr Zimmer (HW)
  5. Schreiben: Mein Haus & mein Zimmer (HW)


Year 10

It’s a brand new week and with it comes our last chapter. It’s a very brief one and two weeks would be enough to cover the most important points. I normally reveal the name of the chapter here in my message, however this time I am doing it differently. I need you to watch my recorded video, which begins with a very cool song – a song that describes exactly the contents of our last topic. Thus, it is required from you to download the following files:

  1. Video: Yr 10 – 15.06.20 (explanation)
  2. Durchgehend online (lyrics – CW)
  3. Computerdeutsch (notes)
  4. Medienkonsum (HW)
  5. Jugendliche und digitale Medien (HW)


Once you hand in your work, I will get back to you individually, because I know that “Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.” – George Evans.


M. Abela Bugeja

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