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German from home during 12th week of school closure

Dear students,

Welcome to another week of German from home. I am sending you a big round of applause for your efforts and for keeping in touch on a regular basis. Always put your heart into your work and do not worry about making mistakes. Mistakes are proof that you are trying!


Year 9

We may now start with our final chapter, which is mostly revision. I am sure you covered the topic Das Haus in the Middle School. Well, during these next three weeks, we shall revise the most important vocabulary around the theme “Home & Home Area”. Please watch my recorded video to recall the basic phrases you need for this week’s HW. Kindly download the following files:

  1. Video: Yr9 – 08.06.20 (explanation)
  2. Hören: im Maklerbüro (HW – listening comprehension)
  3. Mein Haus (HW)


Year 10

We may round off the chapter Gesund Leben. Having good health is something we all want, therefore this week is all about encouraging our family and friends to keep fit and healthy. By revising the Imperative, we will be able to give health-related tips and informal health advice (Ratschläge geben). In order to do this week’s tasks, it is a must to watch the video with explanation on how to form the Imperative of the Du-Form in German. Kindly download the following files:

  1. Video: Yr 10 – 08.06.20 (explanation)
  2. Ratschläge geben (notes)
  3. Gute Tipps (HW)


I look forward to hearing from you.


M. Abela Bugeja

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