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German from home during 8th week of school closure

Dear students,

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend and that you found time for your hobbies and loved ones. Now that we are all recharged, let’s welcome our eighth week of online learning with a positive attitude. 🙂


Year 9

We can now start off the next chapter Unterwegs in der Stadt (Out and About). In this chapter we will explore interesting topics related to city life, like going out, shopping at the mall, buying clothes and writing invitations. For this week I need you to download the following material and do the three HW tasks:

  1. Video: Yr9 – 11.05.20 (explanation)
  2. Orte in der Stadt (notes)
  3. Stadt oder Dorf (HW)
  4. Einkaufen (HW)
  5. In der Stadt (HW)


Year 10

Yay! We have now reached the end of our chapter Reisen. I know that we are all confined to our homes and the possibility of travelling is very remote right now, but I hope that the videos & HW tasks in these past weeks have taken you on virtual trips abroad. Who knows, perhaps some of you have even planned their next holiday. 🙂 For this week I need you to download the following material and do the two HW tasks:

  1. Video: Yr 10 – 11.05.20 (explanation)
  2. In Urlaub fahren (notes)
  3. Hören: Mein Traumurlaub (HW)
  4. Brief zum Thema Urlaub (HW)


PLEASE stick to the deadline and hand in your work by Monday 18th May 2020.


Have a great week and train your mind to see the good in everything. 🙂

Kind regards,

M. Abela Bugeja

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