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German from home during seventh week of school closure

Dear students,

Today I would like to start my message with this quote, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out” (Robert Collier). Why am I quoting this gentleman? During the past week, I saw lack of input and it’s a pity as you had been doing great in the previous weeks. Don’t be tempted to stop working, do not give up now! If you are encountering difficulties, I need to know about them. I am here for you always 😊


Year 9

Since we have finished the chapter Essen und Trinken, for this week you have only one task. Open the attached video and listen to my short explanation. Take this opportunity to catch up on any missing HW and send it to me together with this week’s task.

  1. Video: Yr9 – 04.05.20
  2. Schreiben: E-Mail (HW)


Year 10

This week’s focus is on the PERFEKT tense, so you’ll be doing tasks related to trips/holidays which took place in the PAST. It is important to listen to my explanation, as it sheds light on some important aspects of this grammar point. You need to open the following:

  1. Video: Yr 10 – 04.05.20
  2. Perfekte Ferien (HW)
  3. Hotel Schöne Aussicht (HW)
  4. Ausflug nach Neuschwanstein (HW)


PLEASE stick to the deadline and hand in your work by Monday 11th May 2020.

Take care of yourselves and have a pleasant week.

Kind regards,

M. Abela Bugeja

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