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German from home during fifth week of school closure

Dear students,

I hope you are all in good health and you had a well-deserved Easter break. But now it’s time to roll up our sleeves again and move on with our topics.


Year 9

Last week’s focus was on how to make a conversation at the restaurant. This week we are building on it. I am attaching these three files: One video with explanation and two HW tasks.

  1. Video: Yr 9 Explanation 20.04.2020
  2. Lückentext – Im Restaurant (fill in the blanks exercise)
  3. Guten Appetit! Fragebogen (eating habits questionnaire)


Year 10

Last week you were introduced to new vocabulary related to REISEN (travelling). This week we are focusing on UNTERKUNFT (accommodation). We will explore the difference between hotels, guest houses, youth hostels and camping. For this week you need these five files: One video with explanation, one handout with notes and three HW tasks. Make sure you watch the video till the end as it explains ALL handouts.

  1. Video: Yr 10 Explanation 20.04.2020
  2. Notes: Unterkunft
  3. Dialog im Hotel (HW)
  4. Winterurlaub (HW)
  5. Jugendherberge oder Zelten (HW)


Don’t forget to hand in your homework by next Monday 27th April 2020. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Michela Abela Bugeja

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