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Attention Year 11 students – Blockcerts

Dear Year 11 Student,


The Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) is launching an exciting new nationwide project: issuing your Secondary School Certificate in digital form on the blockchain.


Your blockchain Secondary School Certificate will be available and easily accessible via the Blockcerts Mobile App which can be easily downloaded by following the below Steps:


Step 1: Download the Blockerts Wallet app by clicking the link corresponding to your mobile operating system below:





Android []


Step 2: Soon you will receive an automated email from us inviting you to add the Ministry for Education and Employment as an issuer.


Step 3: Once you have downloaded the app, from the same device where the Blockcerts wallet app was installed, just click the link in the email mentioned in Step 2, and we will appear in the app as your first issuer! It’s that easy. It’s important that you have added the Ministry for Education and Employment as an issuer in order to receive your digital certificate on blockchain.



At the end of your scholastic year, the Ministry for Education and Employment will be issuing your digital Secondary School Certificate and you will be notified at this email address. The Secondary School Certificate will be a file attached to the email, which we suggest you download and save in a secure place. You can now easily retrieve, verify, and share your Secondary School Certificate.


For your convenience, a Flyer and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document has been compiled to answer any questions you may have. Within such Flyer further information can be attained through the provided QR code. Should you require any further assistance feel free to contact us at .  Links to flyers hereunder:



MEDE STATE Blockcerts FAQs 2019_2020

MEDE Blockcerts Student-Flyer (A4)


Joseph Micallef

Education Officer

Educational Assessment Unit

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