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German from home during school closure

Dear students learning German,
I hope this message finds you and your families well.
Given the situation around us, I urge you to do your part and revise from home. It is the least you could do while sitting comfortably in your pj’s.
Year 11 students
  1. Continue to do exercises (including compositions) from the SEC papers and send them to me on for correction.
  2. Reminder for Paper A students: Don’t forget to send me the Bericht from SEC 2018 (given on Wednesday 11.03.20) for correction.
Year 10 students
Our last lessons were about Sport & Freizeit, so for this week you can work on the following two handouts. If you can’t print them, don’t worry, just write the answers in your Lerntagebuch.
    1. Sport in meiner Familie (attached below this message)
    2. Freizeit – Leseverstehen (attached below this message)
Year 9 students
  1. Reminder: Don’t forget to do the letter/composition about Meine Schule (given on Wednesday 11.03.20).
  2. You can also do this reading comprehension: Der erste Schultag (attached below this message). Please note that all verbs are in the Past Tense.
Take care of yourselves and stay safe.
Kind regards,
Michela Abela Bugeja
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