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Upstanders Unite – an antibullying campaign at St Margaret College

All the year 9s and 10s young people at St Margaret College had the opportunity to participate in the Upstanders Unite seminar. The aims of the seminar were to empower the young people in the school to take a stand when they observe bullying and vandalism and identify ways how one can achieve this. The seminar was organised between the St Margaret College Anti-Bullying guidance teacher and the Agenzija Zghazagh at Kottonera youth workers.

The format of the seminar included interactive discussions and a presentation about the different types of bullying, emotions the victims, perpetrators and bystanders experience, how situations can be improved and exploring ways how the young people can be upstanders at school and the community.

By the end of each seminars the young people presented a comprehensive list of ways how they can be upstanders. The following are some of their recommendations: –

  • Talk to the victim and try to support him or her.
  • Speak to an adult person to find some support for the victim
  • Make friends with the victim
  • Try to inform the bully what effects s/he is causing to the victim
  • Convince the bully to stop the bullying
  • Listen to and protect the victim
  • Empowerment the victim
  • Give positive feedback to the victim
  • Ignore the bully
  • Learn to speak to each other to have a better support system
  • Join with the victim and as a group confront the bully with an assertive approach

These ideas will be used by the school to develop a campaign on how to develop a united community were the concept that we are all different and all equal is encouraged.

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