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Verdala Math Trail 2018

The Verdala Math Trail has now become an anticipated annual event at St Margaret College Secondary School Verdala.  On Friday 19th April 2018, in groups of 5, all the Year 9 students were engaged in a full day of mathematics tasks based in everyday life.  

Students had the opportunity to appreciate maths as a necessary skill in the day-to-day running activities, such as recipes and cooking, tiling, measuring and designing scale drawings, deciding upon best offers and deals, finding the area and volume of materials required for construction, calculating speed and statistics, etc.  They also had a try at playing mathematical board games, creating artistic patterns and using digital mathematical assistive technologies.

Students also appreciated the value of team-work, as they worked in groups and their team effort and behaviour contributed to the final mark obtained per group.  The groups’ tasks were then corrected by the Maths Department teachers and the winning team was declared. Each member, of the winning team Celsius was presented with a blue tooth mini speaker as a prize, while all participating students were awarded a certificate of participation.

It was a successful day, which all students enjoyed and which helped them appreciate the value of mathematics, when they applied what they learnt in class in everyday life situations.  Big thanks goes to the teachers in the Mathematics department for the organisation of the trail activities and to all the staff at school for their help and support in the smooth running of the day.  Finally thanks to the school’s SMT for believing in this activity and making it possible year in year out.

Photos:  Credit to Raymond Gialanze

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